Terra Viva® is a project with Nature at its center. An Ecosystem where we can coexist without interfering with the natural order. Your new Sanctuary with no details left behind.
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Terra Viva®

Nestled inside Coronado Luxury Club & Suites, this magnificent safe haven is just one hour from Panama City.
Terra Viva® is the ideal investment for you that offers something for everyone, from golf, tennis, water sports, beach club, restaurants or even just going out to enjoy and connect with nature.
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Surround yourself by a Botanical Garden designed by HIEDRA & BAMBÚ®, with more than a 55 different species of Fruit Trees.
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An exclusive residential space with a Beach Club and Pool, Spa, Restaurants, Tennis Courts, Fitness Center and more.

A Home For Every Taste

Wake up to the chirping of birds and the sunlight streaming through the windows. Contrasting with the building and furnishings, the natural setting is the perfect place to reflect and recharge.
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